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[Updates] Woo Hyuk In China + A Man Called God OST

He must be itching to get to work. His vacation seemed really really short!

A little info:
As today's news reports, Korea's Michael Jackson or Woo Hyuk took part in a Chinese variety program. On the 17th he wrapped up filming for the show, Be Ready Anytime. He decided to participate in the program in part for his gratitude to fans who were awaiting his return as well as do some PR work as part of the Asia Tour concert. During filming he danced to songs from his previous (Korean) albums and showed off why he is regarded as the "Korean Michael Jackson" and the "King Of Dance" among others.

He also enjoyed a game against the national team's table tennis coach.

Before filming for the show, Woo Hyuk participated in a grand opening ceremony for the BOAO International Tourism Forum. His already packed schedule includes a video shoot for the Asia Tour Concert among other things.

Also he made he comeback with the soundtrack to drama, A Man Called God. It's rumored that Woo Hyuk is a fan of the original comic that the drama is based from, and once he got an offer from HowL (the music director), he accepted.

Jang Woo Hyuk - A Man Called God OST - Part.1
Release Date: 2010.03.12
Genre: Television Soundtrack

01. Rain Man (Feat. Kang Hyun Jung of Bubble Sisters) - Jang Woo Hyuk

Sources: SPN, NewsCJ, Dailian
Tags: !audio, !news, hyuk
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