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[News] 2010 Comeback?

Here's another man with gorgeous skin!

Here are various articles I was reading on his return.
H.O.T. and jtl’s favorite rapper Jang Woo-Hyuk has recently finished his military service on December 18th. After his exit, he had a short press conference. He said to the press, “The biggest difference is my weight. Compared to myself from beginning of the military service, I had lost 14~15 kgs (~30 lbs). Right before I started my military service, I had gained lots of weight.”

About 50 fans were also present during the press conference. He said to the fans, “I was surprised by the number of fans who came to see me. I will soon come back with an improved version of myself.”

Source: allkoreangossip

These aren't translated so I just bring you highlights:
About his time in the military, he said that many things happened, he was surrounded by many comrades who asked for autographs and there were many volunteer activities that he took part in and that it was a memorable experience that will stay with him.

However, now he wants to sleep whatever time he wants and do freely whatever he wants. "I also want to travel alot," he added. And what's he doing for Christmas? He has no plans and will be alone (single) but he'll enjoy it.

Source: Naver News

And in the latest news:
Woo Hyuk will rest until January ... and after settling things with a new company, he'll begin album work for his comeback in the summer. After traveling to various places in Korea & overseas and getting sufficient rest, Woo Hyuk plans to start working on his comeback as a singer. Due to the fact that his exclusive contract expires, he will decide on a new company/label then he'll begin album work.

Now that he's completed the compulsory military service, Woo Hyuk plans to enter the overseas markets (China) with his return.

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